Monday, May 30, 2011

Batik and Batik

It is often the case that an oversea visitor in Indonesia, unaware of the difference between a genuine batik and an imitation batik, feels cheated when she\he learns the significant difference of prices between the batik purchased in a credited store and the one offered by a street vendor. The issue of imitation of a genuine handicraft is not only a dishonor to a creative and laborious work of art but it can also have negative effects on the noble image of a fine batik, the morale of artists, and the level of production by manufactures who can no longer maintain it due to the drop in the demand of fine batik.
Batik Popiler II Sarong made in Bali

Nepal is facing a serious problem with the imitation of the pashmina made by neighboring countries. The traditional genuine pashmina of Nepal is a fabric made with the under hair of the Himalayan goats, while the imitation pashmina is made with synthetic materials. It is difficult for an inexperienced person to see the difference and of course the price of an imitation pashmina is much lower.  As a consequence of this, the market has been flooded by imitation pashmina and the genuine pashmina sale dropped drastically. Nepal is promoting now the “Chyangra Pahmina” register trademark, which is a guaranty of genuineness; the oversee inexperienced visitors can now be sure that they are purchasing a real pashmina.   

Indonesia could follow the Nepal example by informing its visitors of the difference between genuine and imitation batiks. This would necessitate the practice of register trademark so that visitors can be sure that they are buying a genuine batik.  Batik Popiler II has a long tradition of commitment to genuine top quality batiks. The quality of batiks coming from outside Bali and its own production are guaranteed, furthermore, many batik items like, for example, the shawls and scarves are unique, that is to say, there are not and will not be two of the same.  

Batik Popiler II Sarong

by Anibal Luis Oprandi

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